Orion Technik
May 24, 2022

ORION TECHNIK – Maintenance & Engineering is a proud distributor of CHEMETALL, a BASF company. Please contact us via for a quote, technical assistance or additional information about the range of products for the aerospace industry, including but not limited to ARDROX®, ARDROX® AV, NAFTOSEAL® & TECHCOOL products.

As a leading global one-stop supplier for Aerospace OEMs and maintenance companies, with its well-known Ardrox® and Naftoseal® brands, Chemetall offers sealants, NDT products, corrosion protection products, cleaners, pre-treatment products and paint strippers for airframe, aircraft operation and aero-engine applications.

Chemetall can provide the optimum product based on our comprehensive understanding of the materials used in your industry and of the requirements of your applications.

Cleaners and sealants as well as pre-treatment, corrosion protection and non-destructive testing products and processes are available for manufacture, service, maintenance, overhaul and repair of airframe and aero-engine for military and civil aircraft including their components.

Recent Posts

Chilean Air Force Approval

Chilean Air Force Approval

ORION TECHNIK – Maintenance & Engineering is now an approved MRO Service Center for Chilean Air Force.

New MRO Capability – P-3 ORION

New MRO Capability – P-3 ORION

ORION TECHNIK – MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING has in-house capability to perform the repair and overhaul services of the P-3 Orion True Air Speed Computer System CPK-28/A24G-9.

AQAP 2110 Certificate

Orion Technik had the honor of receiving the visit of the Director of the National Defense General Resources Directorate (DGRDN), Dr. Vasco Manuel Dias Hilário.