Orion Technik awarded three multi-year P-3 components maintenance contracts

Orion Technik
Apr 4, 2024

ORION TECHNIK MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING has been awarded three multi-year P-3 components maintenance contracts by the Portuguese Air Force (PoAF), following an international bidding process.

These multi-year contracts to support the PoAF´s growing fleet of P-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft, include additional technical services beyond component maintenance, which will be performed at ORION TECHNIK maintenance facilities in Portugal.

The P-3C Orion fleet performs strategic patrol missions for the PoAF in the detection of submarine threats, search and rescue support, shoreline surveillance, as well as economic zone and shipping lane protection off the coast of Portugal.

We are very pleased to have been awarded these long-term contracts by the PoAF for the maintenance support of their P-3C Orion fleet.

ORION TECHNIK has developed extensive capabilities in the P-3 Orion platform for many years and has a solid working knowledge of the aircraft and systems maintenance requirements.

These awards further demonstrate our unwavering commitment in supporting the worldwide operators of the P-3, as well as other platforms, and is a testament to our competitiveness in the marketplace and our reputation as a reliable provider of component MRO services.

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